Preparation and recording procedure

› The expression pattern

› Camera Setup

  1. Set the camera ( focal length, distance , resolution, jpeg quality, etc. ) and do not change these settings during the entire recording process.
  2. Place the device pattern on a flat surface (eg a table ) .
  3. Take the pattern now with the camera so that it is full-frame and completely visible as possible , ie all points and the black border should be visible on the picture. The recording angle between camera and sample should be at 30-60 degrees as possible .

› Image Recording


  1. Now position your scan object on the position pattern . The pattern must lie absolutely flat .
    Throughout the recording process, the object can not move or be moved onto the pattern . 
  2. Keep the area around the object as uniform as possible and make a good contrast between object and background . Maintain a uniform illumination to facilitate the subsequent processing . 
  3. Now make at least 4 shots of the object on the four-point pattern ( usually 10-20 shots) .
    The object must be photographed from all sides.
    You can either go around the object to make the recordings , or rotate the pattern and always take the pictures of the same place.
    It is important that the object does not move on the pattern .
    Make sure that at least three points in each image of the pattern are visible. The recording angle between the camera and the plane of the sample should be between 30 and 60 degrees .